Next generation trading signals

Trading signals provide active support for financial market participants through other participants. Especially popular are entry and exit signals. Who knows when the right time to speculate on a rising or falling market is? At ayondo the best traders give you support with concrete decisions.

Trading signals from Top Traders

At ayondo great value is attached to the quality of the trading signals. Traders on ayondo navigate through a five-level trading career with strict requirements and increasing performance factors. With this followers have the possibility to select and filter traders and their trading signals according to their individual needs. The ayondo Top Traders key statistics are continuously reviewed. If the conditions for reaching a higher level are met, the trader advances to the next level. Should he no longer meet the conditions, the trader falls back a level.

On ayondo all trading signals are published for free.

  • The Top Traders on ayondo enter their trades in the real-time trader thus generating a trading signal made visible to all members.
  • The trading signal contains all relevant information about the entry price, Stop Loss, Take Profit and current market course.
  • Based on the current market course which is displayed next to the trading signal in real time, the current profit or loss of the trading position can be followed.
  • Suspense is created in this way which many users won’t be able to prise themselves from their monitors. Of course limit levels are also displayed so everyone can easily orient themselves.

Automatic execution of trading signals

Who can sit the whole day on the computer and keeping an eye on trades? This problem is solved with automatic execution. With the help of which everyone can route the trading signals onto their own account. To do this it’s only required to open an account with our in house broker ayondo markets and you can already receive the trading signals of your chosen Top Traders executed onto your own personal trading account.

And the best thing is: Get the signals from up to five Top Traders at the same time automatically on your account and under pre-set conditions according to your own risk.

With features such as the Loss Protection (a kind account stop loss) you protect your capital and only lose the maximum amount which you yourself pre-defined.

Experience next generation trading signals on ayondo now.